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My daughter joined a homeschool band this year and based upon her age she only had one choice of instrument: the recorder.  The recorder is a really neat instrument and you can play almost anything on it from medieval fugues to the latest pop music.  Aside from the songs her teacher gave her to learn and practice, A was able to play some of "Call Me Maybe" and the Super Mario Theme on her recorder.

Despite all of this cool-ness surrounding the recorder, now that band has ended she refuses to play it at all and swears she is never playing it again. I don't want music to end so I knew I had to come up with something fast.  A has always had a good ear for music, she is a linguistic thinker so she reads music really well, and I think it is a great creative outlet for her.  She gets sick of the rules involved in learning to play like sitting up straight and having to practice every day, but I know she'd be sad down the line if she let this go. I also don't want her to go back to playing music in the fall only to find she is rusty and forgot everything she learned.  I wanted her to stay with music in some capacity.

She received an electronic keyboard for her birthday from my mother-in-law and she expressed an interest in playing piano so we started there.  At first we worked on playing her recorder songs on the keyboard but that got old really quick.  Since I have no experience with the piano I knew I needed to find a teacher for her.  Not wanting to start a new activity we have to go out to, I looked to see if there was anything online and there was.  The best part is it's free!  This way if she sticks with these online lessons and still likes the piano we can pay for an instructor with the peace of mind that comes with knowing she will enjoy it, and if she starts hating it that's fine because we spent nothing and so she can choose something else.

Here are some places I found with free online piano lessons.  I  put them in order of how much I like them:

The Hoffman Academy

Zebra Keys

Piano Nanny

Go Piano

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