Summer Reading and Picnic Hop Link Up!!

Remember my post entitled Summer Homeschool Whether They Like It or Not?  Well, the kids are winning.  We have not started anything formal yet this summer.  Part of this is because my sister is getting married next week and I have had the joy of seeing my sisters who all live very far away from us.  Another reason is that I have been fully taking advantage of not having to wake up early in the morning for school by working well into the wee hours and then either sleeping in or being a zombie the next day.  I figure after the wedding I will implement my plan unless the kids outsmart me.  They are really good at that.

One thing I have managed to do is keep them reading.  A wonderful motivator is Barnes and Noble's summer reading program.  I love Barnes and Noble.  Nothing is better than coffee and books to me and I can get lost in there for hours.  I love B&N even more now because when my kids read 8 books they will receive a free book from the store.  Not only this, but they also have a free kit available for download on their site that is full of lessons and activities!

Follow this link for the reading journal, kit, and more information!

Remember when I talked about Combating Consumerism in Kids?  I have been working hard on this but my kids still love getting *stuff.*  One way they can get stuff is at the library.  Granted, they are "borrowing" it but let's face it, most things you buy for kids they get bored of within a couple of weeks anyway.  At our library you can walk out with books, movies, CD's, and even video games and puppets!  My children feel like they went on a shopping spree.

Our library is awesome.  On Wednesdays they have a program for my son with story time and crafts or activities (last week they did science). On Thursdays they show a movie at 3pm (last week was The Lego Movie!) and later at 7pm they have a tween night for my daughter where again they have cool activities like board games, zumba, or science experiments.  All throughout the rest of the week are sprinkled in other activities here and there for families as well.  This keeps us going to the library and keeps my kids excited about getting more books!

Just like B&N the library will reward the kids who log a certain number of books this summer with a prize!

A will blow through two chapter books a day sometimes.  I don't know how she does it.  I used to be suspicious of her speed reading so I would open to random pages and quiz her but she retains every detail from every page.  Pretty amazing.

I got a Choose Your Own Adventure to read to my son C (remember those?) and some easy readers that we can use to work on his own reading.  Of course, he also got Minecraft for Xbox and was slightly more excited about that.

What fun summer reading programs does your library offer? 

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