Halloween Party Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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When I was a kid, we didn't do birthday parties other than with the family.  What we did do was Halloween parties.  My mother used to go all out for us on Halloween and invite my entire class and neighborhood to attend.  To this day, over thirty years later, when I run into people who were in attendance at these events they still say to me, "You always had the BEST Halloween parties."

So, how did my mom do it?  Here were some of the highlights that my childhood friends still remember.

Cauldron of Prizes: My mother created this witch on thick paper and secured her to a stick. She covered a big metal pot with black fabric and filled the pot with prizes.  Every kid would get one prize, usually after a game or activity.  We'd reach in and pull out a surprise.  I remember some kids actually being a little scared to put their hand in there, but in the end they did to reap the rewards!

Pin the Tail on the Black Cat: This is pretty self explanatory, but we'd play the same way we played Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  We'd have a blindfold, get spun, and try to get as close as we could!

Pass the Clothes:  In the spirit of dressing up for Halloween, we played a game where we got to dress up even more!  Mom filled a big bag full of clothes.  I remember there were a lot of funny ones leftover from the 60's.  There were also silly hats and glasses.  We'd pass around the bag by bouncing it once on the floor and then handing it to the child on our right while music played.  When the music stopped whoever was holding the bag had to reach in, pull something out, and wear it!  This was always good for some laughs.

I can't find an old picture of us playing this, but here are some of us playing it a few years ago along with our kids in playgroup!

Apples on a String: Because my mom thought bobbing for apples was pretty unsanitary, she tied apples to string and hung them from the ceiling.  We could not use our hands and kept them behind our backs while we tried to bite our apples.

Decorations: Mom always set the mood with great decorations that got the imaginations moving.  You can see it did not cost much but did take a lot of time and creativity!

My costumes were usually homemade as were a lot of people's.  I can't say that I have carried on this tradition with my kids.  I can't sew and it is easier to go to the store and have them pick something out.  Nothing can beat the fun of seeing original homemade costumes though!

In case you're wondering, my mom is still doing her Halloween thing to this day with my kids and their friends!

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