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American Girl Doll Hospital


My daughter is doll crazy.  She always has been.  She gets it from me.  I used to LOVE Cabbage Patch kids and I still do.  I also collected porcelain dolls.  I even want to try my hand at making Baby Reborns and dolfies.  We're just doll people.

"A" collects Lala Loopsies and Monster Highs. She has over fifty Barbie Dolls and multiple Build a Bears.  Mostly though, her heart lies with American Girl Dolls.

Her first AG doll was Lanie, Girl of the Year 2010.  Her second was Girl of the Year 2011, Kanani from Hawaii.
Just look at that long gorgeous hair.  Yeah, it did not stay gorgeous for long.  "A" gives her dolls a lot of love and plays with them every day.  Kanani's hair was so loved that it became a matted, frizzy mess.  The more I tried to fix it for her with water and the brush, the worse it got.  Eventually, we resigned ourselves to the fact that Kanani would have to live with braids and pony tails.
However, this year my mom offered to take A to NYC to the American Girl Store for her birthday.  A decided to save up her money and bring Kanani with her so that she could visit the hospital and come home with her hair looking brand new again.
When they took Kanani in, the staff put her in a hospital gown, gave her an ID bracelet and took her away in a wheel chair.  They promised to take good care of her and that she would be back in 2-3 weeks.
Well, she's back!  And she really is brand new again!  Still wearing her gown and bracelet, she returned with a doctor's note stating that she could resume her normal activities but that she might need a little extra TLC.  How cute is that?

It was about $40 to rejuvenate Kanani and $5.95 for shipping. 

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