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Kids Academy Apps Review

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  The Kids Academy Company has asked for honest reviews of their apps.  The opinions here are mine alone.

Some of us moms over at Sverve were asked to download and review a few of the education apps made by Kids Academy.  I was honored and excited to be chosen!

As you know, I am working with both of my kids academically over the summer.  Since my son is normally in public school, I want to do as much as I can with him over the break.  These apps were just right for him being that he is not yet reading.  Generally, I think they would be great for kids ages 2 through kindergarten.

The first app I reviewed was Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games.

Immediately we noticed the visually striking animation which is present in all the Kid's Academy apps.  My son also marveled at the cute animal characters.  There are games here that involve tracing letters, rhyming words, and more!    His favorite part of what we sampled here was the game where you bring a dog through a maze to the correct answer.

The next free app we downloaded was this one: Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games For Girls and Boys.

Here we found some number games along with other activities and puzzles.  By far, my son's favorite part was the tracing game with the fireflies.  The magical glow and the interactive insects really had him hooked!  This app was full of educational games that offer a lot of positive feedback. The music and voices that congratulated him on a job well done caused a huge smile to spread across my son's face each time he got a correct answer.

Finally, we downloaded Best Kids Songs.  This is a really cute app that sings songs with adorable animation.  We listened to Bingo and sang along.  This app does more than just entertain by giving the kids something to listen to and watch.  It is also interactive, responding to the kids and letting them engage with some of the characters.  It even has a karaoke feature so the children can sing along while parents record them!


I really enjoyed testing out these apps with my sweet boy.  We had a great time and I cannot wait to check out more of what Kid's Academy has to offer.
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FREE Math App Friday 5/16!!

Sometimes things happen just the way they are supposed to.  For one thing, I had to go searching through the closet from hell today to find my son's birth certificate.  While I was in there I found a missing library book- score!

Much more fun than that is this next event of synchronicity: I have not had time to blog much this week. I keep adding all the great resources we find and the moments of insights that I get to my "to do" list but I just haven't had much time "to do."  Because of this, I decided to at least share an older post on FB and Twitter.  For no particular reason, I decided to share my Review of Mystery Math Town.  It's just a really great app so I thought it should get another share.  Well, the next thing you know its developers at Art Gig tweeted back that they are giving away their other awesome math app, Marble Math, for FREE tomorrow!

I mean, really, what are the odds?

I am so PSYCHED to get this app!  Mystery Math Town and its sequel Mystery Math Museum did not disappoint.  They were fun, entertaining, and really TAUGHT.  They had everything I wanted them to have- complete customization of skills and levels, even allowing me to customize it differently for each child.  They were really a steal at $2.99; a lot of educational apps go for more.

I have been eyeballing Marble Math for a while now.  I thought it looked really cool.  My kids like mazes and that's what this seems to be, navigating a marble through a maze to answer math problems.

The type of problems vary.  This is intended for kids over 9 and you can customize what you want them to work on the same way that you can with the mystery games.  

And again, you can customize differently for each child!

Making math fun is so important!  Having a child with dyscalculia, finding ways to engage her in math means everything.  It is so critical to find ways to get her to practice without it feeling like a terrible chore. 

The Artgig apps are also great to keep kids sharp over the summer months!

So there it is.  I wrote something.  I had to so that nobody would miss out on this great freebie!  If you feel so inclined, hit me up in a comment, a tweet, or a FB tomorrow and REMIND me to download this.  I am so excited about it, but we have been so busy that I have been forgetting a lot!!  Thanks!

Download Marble Math Free 5/16

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Mystery Math Town Review


I have been wanting to download Mystery Math Town by Art Gig for some time now.It has rave reviews on iTunes and on one of my favorite sites Common Sense Media.  The only thing holding me back was the price, the fact that it has one.  I like free.

What prompted me to finally take the plunge and pay the $2.99 were two things.  One is that A and I have gotten through memorizing her math facts so we need an activity to replace the drilling but that will still be reinforcing what she has learned. I don't want to move on to other math like fractions and geometry (which she is really good at) and have her forget her facts. Another is that she has recently become obsessed with mystery stories.  Time for Learning had a unit on mysteries for language arts and she has been devouring mystery books ever since!

I'm glad we got this app.  She is begging me to play just one more level which is a definite plus.  The paintings talk to you and give you clues about the mystery.  You can't finish the level or move to new areas until you solve math problems.  You also collect numbers on your way in order to fill in the equations so it takes strategic thinking.

With each level the players get paintings of different characters to add to their gallery.  There, the characters will make them laugh and tell them a bit more about themselves slowly unraveling the mystery.
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