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I am very proud of my son.  He is a natural athlete, makes friends easily, and does great in school.  His teacher even makes it a point to thank me for raising such a respectful boy!  He has his challenges in life- speech is a hurdle for him that he tries to conquer in therapy and he is prone to anxiety and sensitivity (like his mom), but he doesn't let anything get in his way.  He is awesome and he makes me smile every single day.

It's harder sometimes to brag about kids with learning disabilities.  My daughter "A" is so very creative and I see this in her, but because she loses focus or her ideas are too big for her current skill set, not everyone can see her genius yet like I can and she often doubts herself. Sometimes her life is so peppered with frustration, it is hard to see the kind and beautiful soul that was so apparent before she became school aged.

Today I am beaming with pride about A and this is based on her determination.  When A was in first grade, she would come home frustrated because she was not in as high of a reading group as her friends.  Her teacher assured me she was on track, but A insisted she wanted to do better.  It was already late in the year so I arranged for her to have tutoring over the summer from my aunt, a former teacher.  This was not enough for A.  For two straight weeks, she would arrive home from school and angrily state, "I want to READ!"  She would then sit on the floor in her room, pull out books from her bookcase, and just stare at them.  When my aunt went into the school to meet with A's teacher and grab some resources for the summer tutoring, her teacher informed us that Abs had actually just jumped up three reading levels in the last month.

A has always loved aquatics but she had a hard time learning to swim above water.  After watching the 2012 Summer Olympics, she decided she was going to swim.  She took just six weeks of lessons and tried out for the swim team and made it.  Being on the team was extremely challenging for her with the coordination issues, but she beat her previous score at every meet.

Now with the bike riding I see this fierce persistence again.  We started riding again a couple of days ago.  It was a little rough as I wrote here.  She is not giving up this time though. All day she told me, "I need to get back on my bike.  You need to take me on my bike after school."

My son had to see a doctor after school and it was only in the 30's today, so I thought we could put a pin in the riding.  However, as soon as we pulled in the driveway she was in the shed pulling out her bike and strapping on her helmet.  Nevermind that her hands were red with cold or that she was wearing leather boots!

She did pretty well.  She is still having some issues with riding straight and getting scared, but nothing is going to stop her.  She has made up her mind and when A makes up her mind there is no going back!

I cannot express how much I admire and even envy this quality in her.  I am a very proud mom.

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