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Learning About Cells

When we covered cells in our Time 4 Learning Science Unit, I knew I wanted to enhance the lessons.  Science is no fun when you are just reading about it.  Science is meant to be experienced in order to be understood!  When I was a kid, I thought these topics were so boring.  Only once I was older where I could think about how the information affected my world and where I could learn to really play with the data and get creative with it did I develop a love for science!

Here are some things we did and used to enhance the unit on cells:

1) We got a microscope.  We paid nothing for it.  I asked on my local Freecycle Group if anyone had a spare and we got one!  Before we had this stroke of luck though, we also used this Virtual Microscope which was also fantastic in learning how to use the controls and see images!

2) We made cells.  First we did a good ol' diagram.  Then we tried being creative and making cells out of household items.  We used jello for cytoplasm and added various items for vacuoles, ribosomes, etc.  Abs decided to surround the whole thing with chocolate syrup to be the cell membrane.  In the end, it looked like smelly trash and we were pretty disgusted by the project, Ha!  But she did learn all the parts of the cell!


3) Awesome online songs!

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