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Character Building

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I love working on character building with my kids.  This is such an important and often overlooked part of education.  In fact, if I had to choose between my kids growing up with the ability to cope, be happy, and be good people  OR having them be smart and know all their facts, I'd pick the first one.  I want my children to be happy and to lead a full and moral life.

A while back I found the Agape Land videos on Youtube.  You can find them from this user online for free.  The cartoons are adorable.  Yes, they are a little dated, but I prefer older cartoons most of the time anyway and so do my kids.  Each character builder is about 12 minutes long in total.

Then, I was lucky enough to find these free character building lapbooks on Homeschool Share.  Scroll down and you'll see a section for each trait.  I match these up with the movies so that we watch a movie and then do the activities about that trait (or the trait most closely related to it).  It works out great! 

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