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Back to School Checklists for Kids

This school year is going to be bringing about a lot of changes for my family.  The biggest change is that A is going back into public school. This will be the first time in ten years that I have no children home with me! I am going to increase my work hours at home so that I work for the entire time the kids are at school.  I also am taking on a weekend job outside the home in social services.  My husband may even be taking on a new position at his job.  Lots of changes afoot for us!

My kids will have at least two extra curricular activities each at any given time.  That's how it always is.  We try to ensure they see friends at least once a week as well.  Basically, we are going to be busy.  Life becomes a whirlwind during the school year. 

I am determined to stay organized this year. I will admit it is hard for us to stay organized even without being busy.  I can do it but it takes a lot of concentration and energy for me being a dyspraxic (and I am realizing as I get older that I may have ADHD, too).  My daughter has executive functions issues along with her dyspraxia.  My hubby is the most disorganized of all of us.  He is a genius in his field but keeping track of appointments, homework, and even car keys is not his strong suit.  

To keep the kids on course, I have made them checklists for before and after school.  This way they know what is expected and it is not overwhelming.  As long as these things get done we'll be okay.  I will have to make up some lists for myself as well!  

If your kids need organization help, feel free to download these lists for yourself or copy and tweak them to meet your needs.  

You'll notice I added in setting a goal in the morning.  This is because I know for myself that when I set an intention in the beginning of the day things go much more smoothly for me.  When you tell your mind what you hope to accomplish and you have a direction set, things fall into place for you and you feel more secure.  I want this for my kids.

I also added prayer time at the end of the day where the kids need to be thankful for what is good.  Taking the time each night, even for just a minute or two, to be grateful and appreciate what we have can make such a difference in how we feel and what we take to the others we interact with.  I also say for them to ask for help with anything they need assistance with.  This gives a sense of control and of faith.  If anything is going wrong we are taking the time to do what we can by asking for help and turning our struggle over to a higher power.  

I added family time to the after school list as well.  I know with the activities there may be days where we can't fit in a game or a craft but it is something to shoot for as much as possible.  I am going to really miss my kids this year and I want to make sure I spend time with them whenever I possibly can.  I feel this is good for all of us.  I miss them already and they have not even gone back to school yet!

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