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Computer Programming For Kids

I was just doing my lesson plans for this week and realized I really hadn't shared the computer programming resources we've been using yet.  They're too good to keep to ourselves!

Mainly, we are using Khan Academy's computer programming course.  A does it faithfully, one lesson per day.  It's great!  The lessons come in the form of video tutorials.  After watching how something is done, you then have access to the scratch pad to do it yourself or to tweak the code.  The kids can change the programs slightly to create new programs and really see how they work.  You can look at the spin off programs of others and make changes to those as well.  As kids complete courses, they earn virtual rewards.

As a supplement to Khan Academy, we also play games on  These cute games are meant to introduce kids to programming so that they do not even realize they are learning.  Eventually, kids reach the point where they are building their own game!  (We haven't gotten there yet).

In addition to these amazing resources, there are some other sites I have heard about that teach kids programming as well.  Here are the others on my list to try:




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