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News for Kids!

My daughter loves current events!  She tells me things sometimes that I had never heard of before because she read it in the "news."

Unfortunately, I do not feel safe letting my daughter watch the news on TV or even reading the newspaper.  There is just too much in there that is not appropriate for kids and honestly, the older I get, the less I like to even watch the news myself.  It is hard to stomach some of the things going on in the world today.

Luckily, there are some excellent resources out there for kids to get the news!

First off, I ordered Scholastic News.  They let you do that as a homeschooler.  I even get the same discount price on books as a "real" school gets!  The Scholastic News is something that my daughter always enjoyed in school and I did not want her to miss out, so I ordered this right in the beginning of the year.  I do not remember exactly how much I paid.  I want to say $9 but I am not sure.  It definitely was not more than $24 (for some reason that number is in my mind in regards to this as well).  Not only do you get Scholastic News delivered to your mailbox (about 4 issues per month), you also get access to their website and, as I said you get their catalogs with their great discount book prices, too.

The articles in Scholastic are really interesting.  We have read about Lego sculptures, a robot in the space station, and school lunches from around the world.  There is a quiz at the end of every issue for reading comprehension. To order, I had to call 1-800-387-1437.  The person who helped me was great.  They were very accommodating with great customer service.  (Since I do call center work from home, I am a stickler for that sort of thing).

Aside from Scholastic we also use these sites to get our news:

Dogo News

Time for Kids

I learn a lot myself from the articles we read.  The stories are thought provoking and they do not talk down to the child but convey news stories in a way that is just right for younger readers.  They also cover stories that are fascinating to kids so there is no boredom.  My kids often get inspired to create new inventions, explore art, and solve problems when they read these news stories.

Another cool place we have gotten news is Flocabulary.  At the end of each week they release a video with a hip hop song that sums up all of the previous week's biggest headlines called "This Week in Rap." Flocabulary costs $10 per month or you can pay $90 for the full year.  We paid for it for a while and my daughter loved it.  It's not only news- they have great vocabulary lessons and hip hop videos about every subject for every grade.  After a while though, I just did not want to pay for it any longer and I did not feel like it was something I HAD to have.  Next year, if I homeschool again, I might splurge on the year membership.  They do offer some free videos and a free trial if you want to check them out.

As a side note, I'd like to tell you my favorite ways to get the news for adults.  When I watch network news I am usually flabbergasted as to what they consider newsworthy and all the important things they leave out.  For example, I don't want to hear about the local snow for 45 minutes when there are wars going on and laws being passed that may change the future of the world.

My favorite news sources are:

Link TV

BBC World News

PBS News


And I REALLY enjoy getting "good news!"  This is great to share with kids.

Good News Network

Huff Post Good News

Daily Good

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