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Stop Worrying About Shoe Tying

In kindergarten it was mandatory that A learn to tie her shoes.  She went to a Catholic school for kindergarten.  I'm not sure if the public schools do the same thing, but this school had a shoe tying, buttoning, and zippering test to get to the next grade!

Needless to say, being as I am, I had A practice her shoe tying every night that year. A terrible thing to do to a dyspraxic kid, but I had no idea what dyspraxia even was then. She got it down, but her ties never lasted long even with a double bow.  I do not know why.  My husband has the same thing.  His shoes are always untied!  Mine used to come untied a lot as well but I am in a good place now with my shoes after almost 40 years.

So, since my daughter and hubby usually wind up walking around with laces hanging, I am going to order them both a pair of Synch Bands.  Synch Bands look cool like regular laces, but they are stretchy and do not need to be tied.  I found out about this product from Dyspraxia USA.  I did try no-tie laces once from a shoe store but they looked horrible because they were all coily.  These look a lot better.

When the code DFUSA is used when purchasing SynchBands, the company will give the person placing the order a 10% discount and donate 15% to the Dyspraxia Foundation USA.

I am not affiliated with SynchBands or with Dyspraxia USA for that matter (other than being a fan of Dyspraxia USA).  I just think this is another useful thing for people like us and our kids.

Now that I think of it, I don't think my C, who is nearing the end of kindergarten, can tie.  His shoes have not needed it.  I better see if I can teach him or if I should order him some Synch Bands as well!

Visit SynchBands.
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