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Little Passports Fundraising For Your School!

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I love Little Passports.  The advertising seems to market to little kids but I think this is a really cool thing all the way into middle school.  Kids get mailings with all kinds of souvenirs and activities from different places (you can either do US or international).  It helps them learn, not just by reading, but also by experiencing each culture a bit through the various senses.  It is always exciting to get mail, especially when it is *stuff,* and Little Passports is no exception.  We love it.  That's why I thought it was really cool that Little Passports can partner with schools for fundraisers!

Here's how it works: You can distribute a flyer at your school (or any other group you are fundraising for).  You then get 15% of what is spent donated to your school.  People love ordering the Little Passports for their kids because it is a fun and award winning educational program.  It is even better because they are doing it for a good cause.  Little Passports can even be used as a holiday gift that keeps giving all year!  Get more information here: The fundraising period is from October 21 - 28 and the deadline to sign-up is October 10th so check it out today!
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