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The P Words

Puberty and period. There I said them.

Girls are going through these P words earlier than they used to either because of some weird evolutionary shift or, more likely, because we load our farm animals up with hormones which then get transferred to our children.

Because I have seen the weepy eyes and the irrational anger coupled with inexplicable stomach pains, I thought it best that I let my daughter know about menstruation, just in case it happens some time soon.  She is ten now and I was only eleven when it happened to me.  My mom was eleven, too.  My grandmother had only been ten.  We start early in my family.

It was uncomfortable to bring the topic up.  I wish I could say it wasn't and that I am the coolest, hippest mom ever who can talk to her daughter about anything, but I felt weird about it.  I didn't want her to have to know about this.  I don't want her to have to go through it.  The fact that she gets completely grossed out when we discuss anything having to do with the body did not help matters.

I don't think I showed my feelings as I explained things to her.  It turns out she already knew about periods and she informed me that she did not want to talk about it because "it's gross,"  but we talked about it anyway.

We watched this nice, innocent Disney movie from the 50's that made everything seem simple and tidy.

This movie does not discuss the S word at all which I was grateful for. I'm not ready for that yet. Only now I worry that she might know about this, too. My son, wanting to have a baby brother or sister, told my husband to kiss me on the lips so that he would get one. My daughter said to him, "That's not how it works. It's grosser than that." So I guess I better not wait too long to talk to her about that one either.  I downloaded a free PDF book online called "The Talk" which is seven lessons on explaining sex to kids from a Christian perspective.  I think I will use that.  Only I was hoping not to have to use it for a few more years....
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