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PBS Makes Being Green Fun for Kids!

I have found myself using PBS a lot for science and for some fun ways to teach environmental consciousness.  My daughter was sort of born a hippie (or molded into one early on).  She loves earthy lessons and has always enjoyed taking on tasks like cleaning up parks or saving the pandas!

For science, Dragonfly TV is great!  They have fun and interesting video clips, like "Worm Farm," about the boy who loves trash and worms!  The games are challenging making the kids into real scientists.  They also list things to try.  This is science that does not talk down to kids.  I have no idea if the show is still on but the website is a hit for us.

Next, I have to mention EekoWorld.  Create your own animal, learn ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and discover more about the world around us.  This site got A so engaged that when we first found it, she stayed on it all evening after school and again the next day.  Again, this site does not talk down to kids.  It really treats them like the important players they are the future of this planet, while still getting them to HAVE FUN!

Last, we have Meet the Greens.  Mini episodes about recycling and sustainability, fun games where kids learn to spruce up what you have instead of throwing away and buying more, and lots of laughs along the way! 

As an honorable mention I have say we have also used Nat Geo Kids to supplement our science lessons as well. Great videos and games here as well!! 

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