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Kids Animated History With Pipo

I found these gems quite by accident when A and I were studying Ancient Civilizations.  They are excellent!  They really bring to life what you read in the history books and they talk to kids in just the right way- not over their heads but not so simple it is insulting. There are sixteen cultures that are explored in the set.  We only did the ones we studied in our curriculum.  I really wish they had more of these and brought Pipo into modern history so that we could continue to watch these along with our lessons.  One thing I love is that at the end of each movie they explain what was going on in other parts of the world at the same time.  

You can buy this DVD set on Amazon. However, you can also watch most of them for FREE on Daily Motion. 

Since we are now studying the US Revolution I have found that there are many free episodes of Liberty's Kids   A used to say she hated this show when it was on TV, but now she seems to enjoy and appreciate it.  It's fun to see what we read come to life and so we have been lucky in that everything I have wanted her to watch has been on You Tube for free. 
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