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Just for Fun

Have you seen what Google Awesome Photos can do?  Personally, this is new to me.  I just recently got an iPhone and I have been snapping pictures left and right!  The picture quality is excellent and there are so many enhancements. That alone was enough for me!

I guess because I am synched to Google and Google Plus on my iPhone, my photos are automatically heading over there when I take them.  Then, it seems, Google is taking it upon itself to awesome-fy my pics.  It has been doing this by mashing them together and making little videos.  Some of them are slightly creepy, like bad selfies I take where my eyes are rolling to the back of my head or something, but the ones of the kids I love!

I bought my daughter stop motion software for her birthday because she likes making movies of her dolls.  Now I don't think I needed to get that.  She could just use the iPhone and Google!


This post really served no purpose as far as homeschooling or learning disabilities go.  It was just for fun!  We need that sometimes!

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