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More FREE Lapbooks

This post is about FREE Lapbooks.  However, there are a few affiliate links in this post for books that you can choose to use with the lapbooks (or not).  These are from and if you were to use one of these links to buy a book, I would get paid a very small commission.

I know a lot of people are out of school already, but we are going until the end of June and I plan to work, at least a little each day, through the Summer.  A finished fourth grade science and more than half of fifth grade so I was looking for something sciencey to do outside of the Time 4 Learning curriculum.  I wound up finding this page with lapbooks for every subject and they have a ton of Science.  We are working on Computers now.  Now, it's not all done for you.  The pages ask you questions but it is up to you and your child to find those answers.  So, it takes planning on the teacher's part to figure out where we are going to find the info- whether we want to read, go to the library, look online, or watch a video, and then how to teach it.  

I really love lapbooks. They are fun and crafty and in the end you have a folded up wealth of information you can refer back to later.  We did a lapbook in the beginning of the year on astronomy and we had a blast learning about all the planets.

Homeschool Share also has a lapbook on Oceans here.  This is meant to be used with Amanda Bennet's Ocean book, but I think it can be used without it just as the other lapbooks do not have a text.  I had also picked up a book called Marine Biology, Real Science, Real Kids  that is mainly comprised of field trips and experiments to learn about aquatic life, so I am thinking of putting these together and working on them over the summer when we can take beach trips!

Finally, what A is most excited about are these American Girl Lapbooks!  I also found these on Homeschool Share.  There is a template that can go with any of the girls and books, but the lapboks that look the most fun are designed for the "world" books such as Addy's World, Samatha's World, Felicity's World, Kit's World, etc.  These books do not appear to be in print any longer but Amazon has them mostly from private owners, used, for very cheap.  These books are not so much stories about the girls, but a description of the historic time period in which they lived.  So rather than a literature project, it is more of a history lesson.

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