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Guardians of the Galaxy: A Mom's Review


Last night we took the kids to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  My kids are 10 and 6 and the movie is rated PG 13.  I don't normally allow my kids to watch PG-13 movies but I accidentally took them to see The Avengers when that was out and only found out after the movie was over that it was not PG rated.  Since that movie was not so bad, I figured this one would not be either.

I think my husband wanted to see this more than any of us because he is the comic book fan in the house.  My daughter wanted to see it because she is a female version of my husband and pretty much just wants to go anywhere with him.  My son, surprisingly, was not too gung-ho to go even though he loves reading books about super heroes and playing with the action figures.  He also thought Avengers was "AWWWWWESOMMMME" so I really thought he'd want to see this one, too.  As for me, I watched the preview a couple of months ago when I was writing an article on what the big Halloween costumes would be this year and I thought it looked very good!

The closest theater to our home was sold out of tickets three hours in advance so we had to go a half hour away to see the movie.  Even though we arrived forty minutes early, we could not find four seats together.  We had to sit two and two in front of one another.  Basically, this movie was packed.

I won't spoil anything, but I will say that I cried in the first ten minutes of the movie.  After that, I laughed for the rest of it.  I don't laugh easy.  I am finicky with my comedy, but this movie did it for me in that regard.  Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec and The Lego Movie was hilarious as Star Lord.  Bradley Cooper (who I like to call, "The Dude from the Hangover") voiced tough talking Rocket Raccoon and was also very funny.

This movie has a great sound track. Most of the music is 70's which matches Star Lord's look with his super smooth leather jacket.  He rocks out to these jams throughout the movie on his Walkman.  Yes, I said Walkman.  He is a child of 1980's Earth, like me.  Therefore, you also get lots and lots of 80's references and jokes in the movie.  This keeps us parents happy and entertained.

Picture from Come See Toys

All of the Guardians are extraordinary characters with complex back stories.  I cannot pick a favorite out of them because I love them all.  The villains were not too shabby either.

Picture from this site

The movie was a little over two hours long and I did not feel it.  I could have kept on watching these guys all night.  My six year old, he got a little fidgety towards the end but still was enjoying himself.

Why is it rated PG 13?  One thing I will say is there is some bad language in the film.  Nobody drops an F bomb, but you'll hear lots of other colorful words here and there.  The other thing is, of course, violence.  It is not any more violent than the other super hero movies like The Avengers and Iron Man, but it could be scary for some kids.  My daughter at 6 could not have handled it.  She used to run out of the room at just an unpleasant confrontation on TV.  She is only able to handle it now at 10.  My son has never been bothered by this stuff. He knows it is all pretend and handles it fine.  So, every kid is different and only a parent knows for sure.  It's not gory, you don't see much blood and the camera pans away from really violent acts. However, you know what's happening during the fight scenes so if your child is super sensitive this might not be for them.  There is no sex in the movie.  Star Lord makes a few references to being a ladies man but nothing that makes it uncomfortable or confusing for kids to hear. 

As a mom and a movie lover, I love when a kids' movie is as entertaining for the parents to watch as for the kids or when a parent movie is safe enough for the kids to watch with us.  This movie fits the bill for us as a good family movie.  The characters were great, the story was compelling, the music rocked, and we laughed a lot.  We all left the theater feeling good and raving about the film for the entire ride home. 
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Movies That Move the Imagination

This post contains sponsored links from Amazon.

I watch a lot of movies with my kids.  Even though I try to make sure my children spend a lot of time outdoors, I like cuddling up and winding down with a movie at the end of the day if we can possibly fit it in (which is usually only on weekends).  We see all the new ones when they make it to "On Demand" or the premium channels and if it's something we are really excited about we'll see it in the theater.  We loved Maleficent and The Muppets, but I find that the majority of new movies for kids follow the same formulas over and over again.  Rarely do I leave a movie with the kids feeling really inspired.  I love the films that stay with us and make a lasting impression.

Here are some of my top picks if you are looking to really stimulate the imagination and have a movie adventure with your kids.

The Never Ending Story- This movie was one of my favorites when I was a kid.  I remember renting the VHS tape over and over again!  It's the story of Bastion who gets a very special book about a place called Fantasia that is made up of all the dreams of children.  Here you'll find talking luck dragons, trolls, and more.  Turns out Fantasia is in trouble and only the boy reading the book can save it! 

Indian in the Cupboard- I never get tired of watching this movie.  A boy gets a cupboard and when he places a toy Indian in it, it comes to life!  Soon there is both a tiny Indian and a tiny cowboy living in his room.  This movie beats out Toy Story any day.

Howls Moving Castle- Words cannot express how much my kids and I enjoyed this movie!  I don't think I have ever experienced more imagination and originality in one film.  The American version also has excellent actors like Christian Bale and Billy Crystal. 

Ponyo- It does not get any cuter than Ponyo. A little fishy turns into a human girl and befriends a boy.  Her dad is a alchemist and her mother is a sea goddess and they do not approve of this transformation.  This movie is amazing for all ages.  It'll make you laugh and cry! 

The Last Unicorn- The only thing that has not stood the test of time in this movie is the terrible 80's ballads, but the strength of the story makes sitting through a couple of bad tunes well worth it.  The last unicorn is turned into a girl.  She and her companions embark on a quest to find out what happened to the other unicorns.  There is a great romance that unfolds but not so much that it will be a turn off to the boys.  There's also plenty of magic and a battle to be won. This is the ultimate unicorn movie.

 If you click on any of these movie links and purchase one,  I would make a very small commission.
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