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Some Great Nature and Science Website For Kids

Many of A's favorite lessons this year have been the ones about animals and nature.  I sometimes call her Miss Doolittle because of her connection with animals.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were so many free online resources that teach kids about the sciences and cultivate a love of nature.  I used these when they worked with a lesson we were doing and I offer them when we have extra time as a fun treat!

National Wildlife Federation's Ranger Rick Games, photo contests,and more

Printable Habitat Adventure Game

Rainforest Rangers- I think this is one of my favorites.  You create your own virtual rainforest and protect it. You advance through the game by learning more facts about the rainforest.  As you advance you can add more to your rainforest world.

National Park Services Web Rangers- This site has games and lessons for all subjects but I particularly like the ones on animals and nature.  They also link to an area called I Hike Virtual Trails where you can hike national park trails online based on your exercise activity out in the real world.

National Geographic Kids- Tons of pictures, videos, and facts on animals.

Dragon Fly TV on PBS Kids- Great videos! (They have games, too)

Lawrence Hall of Science-  This site has some great activities dealing with plants, insects, and how to clean up an oil spill!

My Botanic Planet- On this site you are in an interactive world that you can explore where you will find online lesson plans and games that teach about plants.

Macomi's Science Page - Cute animations and lessons.

Free PDF Book- Book About Rachel Carson, Environmental Scientist Who Helped Outlaw DDT, with Family Activities and Learning Lessons About the Environment

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