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I thought I would talk about what we are doing for Spanish.

First off, my kid has always been good with languages.  It really is like her thing.  She was in private school in kindergarten and they taught Spanish there and she did really well.  It was one of the few times she ever got an "O" on her report card.  When she has taken aptitude tests it always comes back that she has a strong ability to learn languages.  For this reason I was excited about Spanish.

But she wasn't.

She hates it.  We use Rosetta Stone.  I'll admit it is challenging, but I figured she would like it because it is on the computer and it's like a game.  If you never used Rosetta Stone before, it's teaches by immersion so they never say anything in English.  Nothing is ever explained.  They don't tell you, "This word is a verb," or "Use a when it's feminine."  Still, you catch on.

She does pretty good with it, but she HATES it!  She complains and whines whenever it is time for Spanish.

For this reason, I stopped doing Rosetta every day.  Now we alternate.  We do Rosetta and the next day we use a free site called Duo Lingo.  This one is more like a game.  She likes it and it reinforces what she learns on Rosetta. But there is no way Duo Lingo can really teach you anything.  It seems like it can only test you on what you have already learned elsewhere. Every Friday I go to the Easy Peasy site (also all free) and go to the Spanish section there and we will do a lesson.  It usually brings us to 123 Teach Me and sometimes has us watch videos as well.  This mixes it up a bit.

I was lucky to get my Rosetta Stone for free.  If I had shelled out hundreds of dollars for it and she hated it, it would bother me even more.

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