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Summer HomeSchool Whether They Like It Or Not

Summer is here!  Well, it doesn't feel official yet because my son is STILL in public school.  Tomorrow is his last day.

Why Am I Schooling in the Summer?

I loved homeschooling this year and I don't want it to end.  My selfish reason is that I enjoy the activities and time with my child.  I feel like we lost some of that as she has gotten older.  When she was in public school and doing a gazillion extra-curriculars, it was almost impossible to find the quality time to spend together.  We'd veg and watch movies or play a board game at best when we were not on the go.  So, homeschooling has been a great way to reconnect.  What a perfect time to bond, too.  With puberty starting a girl needs her Mom.

With my son, I want to be able to make up for all the time I did not see him this year!  He went to full time school for the first time and he played sports all year.  He went from soccer to wrestling to baseball to track!  I miss my little guy!

Practically, I can't stop schooling, not entirely.  When my daughter gets even a few days away from school she forgets math.  I kid you not.  For example, she has done long division all year. Every school day she has this type of problem in the beginning of the day as part of her math warm up.  If she is off for more than two days from school, she forgets what to do when she sees a division problem.  She does not know the steps or her facts.  After I teach her again it comes back, but it's a really strange phenomena.  I am supposing this is linked to the Dyscalculia, but whatever the case, math needs to continue.  I also want to keep her writing sharp and have her keep reading.  As for my son, I want to get him reading fluently before he goes into first grade and we need to work on his speech.

How Am I Schooling in the Summer?

I want the kids to feel like they are off so I am going to do things differently than we do them during the school year.  Honestly, they only need to put in about 40 minutes of work a few times per week to keep themselves sharp.

I created a notebook for A.  She'll have just four math problems to do each day, three days per week.  One long multiplication, one long division, one addition, one subtraction.  This should be enough to keep the steps fresh in her mind along with reinforcing the math facts.  Then, she'll have a writing prompt.  She can write one day, edit the next, and re-write on the final day.  Reading will happen naturally because we go to the library at least once per week.  I also want to have a bonus item each day.  She can either watch the Times Tales DVD, play games on, play on the Mystery Math Town iPad app, do her computing programming on Khan Academy, or work on those free online piano lessons.  It sounds like a lot but really it isn't.  I am thinking about incentives for them if they complete this work and a couple of chores each day.

 For "the boy," I have two speech apps to get. One is actually a reading app but his therapist says it helps with speech as well.  That one is called Montessori Crosswords and it looks really good.  The speech app is specially designed for kids to work on Phonological Processes (which also happens to be the title of the app).

I am going to use a great free reading program that you can find online called Sight and Sound Reading.  I also have an awesome book called Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons that I used with A when she was little. I was considering getting Time 4 Learning for C for the summer as well because I think he'd enjoy it.  As you can see I am still all over the place with what I am doing with him.  I'll zero in on a concrete plan over the weekend!

Last summer I made these really cool activity boards for them.  They actually liked these so I should probably try to figure out how to make things more hands on again!

This is a board I made for C to use every day. There is a letter of the day made with pipe cleaners to trace with a finger (Montessori style). Everything is velcroed so he will stick on pictures that start with that letter. Then you have a math problem, which he loves, matching upper to lower case letters, some sight words, phone number (I will start mixing up or leaving out one number, and his name (I will also mix up letters for this). On the back is the alphabet which we will sing normally and phonetically
This is the board I made for A. She can quickly velcro the answer to her math facts each morning. We'll go through addition and multiplication. A cursive letter in pipe cleaners inspired by Montessori. An index card with a paragraph written by one of the American Girl characters with no capitalization or punctuation. She has to correct it for them! Then an exercise that involved counting and following multi step directions. For example- count how many hearts, put the answer on the board, then put the same number of dolls on the step. Helping to build focus and organizational skills!

 I have a Marine Biology book for kids here that is field trip based.  I may try to do that with them this summer.  It'll be a great excuse to head to the beach often and we can finish up with an Aquarium trip!

Why I Am a Mean Mom

My kids are not happy about working academically over the summer.

I am a mean Mommy.  Sigh...

Are you planning to do any learning activities with your kids over the summer break? (And do they hate you for it?)

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