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Homeschool Typing

I found a wonderful FREE resource for teaching children to type.  It's on the BBC website and called Dance Mat Typing.  It's a lot of fun.  There are different animals for each level you are on who have quirky personalities and keep the kids entertained.  At the end of each level they entertain the student with a song and dance.

They teach starting with the home row and where to keep the fingers.  They explain everything very simply with lots of positive feedback. They then give the child sentences to type.  There is a keyboard you can see on the screen so that you have a good idea of where your fingers are and which key to press.  You can make the on screen keyboard invisible later on for more of a challenge.

I just love when I find free resources that are high quality!  One issue with dyspraxia is handwriting.  A has a hard time printing.  We are learning cursive but that is proving even more difficulty (but we are doing it anyway because I feel like it is therapeutic for her and read that it is good for making connections in the brain.)  Truth be told, kids will most likely type more than printing or writing in the future.

Check Out Dance Mat Typing
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